What Tips To Remember When Hiring A Dance Floor

If you are planning a summer party, or an outdoor event, it is important that you include in your to-do list the dance floor. Several venues may offer indoor and outdoor activity areas, which can cater to your party needs. However, not all outdoor areas are equipped with dance areas where you can enjoy the vibe of the event and the sound that plays in the background. If you want your guests to enjoy the band that you are planning to hire, then you should make a decision to hire a dance floor for your party.

To help you with your party decisions regarding your stage or dance floor, here are some tips that you need to remember.

  • Where Will It Be Placed? The place where your dance floor should be would be the first thing that you need to decide. Check your reception area and find a perfect spot for your dance floor. Will you place it in the middle? Or, will you place it somewhere in the corner? What you have to remember when making this decision is that the surface should be flat. Consulting a possible company to hire regarding where you can place the dance floor is always a good decision you should make.
  • How Big Should It Be? The next thing you need to decide is the size of your dance floor. Portable dance floors for hire usually come in sections of 3’x3′ or 4’x4′. The number of sections that you rent should be enough to carry all your guests, should they choose to occupy the floor at the same time. However, the rule of the thumb is that 50% of your guests will occupy the dance floor sometime in your party. Thus, you should hire sections enough to house 50% of your guests so the floor will not look empty if it is too big, or crowded if too small.
  • How Much Would It Cost. This would be a driving force when making a decision in terms of hiring a floor for dancing. The price of your hire may vary according to the size, type of flooring, and customization that you require. You should always ask for a price quotation whenever you contact a possible company to hire. Compare and contrast, but make sure that quality is not sacrificed.

Additional Tip:

If your venue has a pool, you can always ask the potential hire if they can place a dance floor over the pool. Some companies have acrylic flooring for such customization. The lighting from the floor will provide a dramatic effect on your dance floor, and surely your guests will enjoy dancing on it.

Just remember these tips when deciding to hire a dance floor for your party. Make sure that you compare and contrast the companies that you have contacted, and ask for a price quotation. And when you really need it, consult a professional company to help you with your decision.