Cooking Equipment

Do you need a temporary kitchen? We have the equipment to make it possible!

Prices are Subject to VAT

Boiler 5 Gallon Electric

Price: £10.00

Boiler 5 Gallon Gas

Price: £15.00

Insulated Urn 5 Gallon

Price: £8.00

Bain Marie Dry

Price: £9.00

Bain Marie Dry Electric 4Pot

Price: £18.00

Electric Hot Plate 2′ x 1.25′

Price: £10.00

Electric 2 Ring Cooker

Price: £10.00

Electric Hot Cupboard (Mobile)

Price: £50.00

Servery/Carvery (3 Light)

Price: £35.00

Soup Kettle (Electric)

Price: £10.00

Microwave (700w) domestic

Price: £10.00

Boiling Single Ring (Lpg)

Price: £15.00

Boiling Double Ring (Lpg)

Price: £35.00

Industrial BBQ 6ft Long

Price: £85.00

Industrial BBQ 3ft Long

Price: £45.00

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